Thursday, December 16, 2010

Introduction to Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization"SEO"

In this article we will give you an introduction about Internet Marketing and SEO which will help you in getting you to know the importance of these to betterment of your business worldwide.

First here is a brief introduction to term "Internet Marketing"

The term "Internet Marketing" says “use of internet and other network system for selling our products online and increasing our online presence.”

It is a process to promote a web site for selling products and increase visitors and it is a component of electronic commerce. We all know that electricity has great speed and when we say electronic commerce then we should assume it to be really fast too and this is what it is. It is one of the fastest advertising methods today to promote anything in the world.

There are many methods which we can use to advertise our services or products and you will be getting to know about all these methods in our future posts.

Now I would like to share something about the term "SEO"

We can say that "SEO" is a part of "Internet Marketing" in which we manage Internet traffic to our site with a natural way. Use pay per click (PPC) ads or purchasing pay-for-inclusion (PFI) listings on the website directories that are similar to offline yellow page listings. To optimize your site, you need to maximize keyword density and optimize the layout for the words or phrases that best describe the subject of your site, and you must use proper Meta tags so that search engines can interpret your web page.


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