Friday, March 4, 2011

5 Amazing Facts of Video Search Engine Optimization

Video Search Engine Optimization is one of the recent advancements in the field of SEO and will be one of the hottest SEO and internet marketing trends in 2011 as it has become a need with the evolution of Universal search result as Google started showing the videos and images in the organic results.

Today we can find millions of videos on the Internet but every video cannot appear on the first page of Google. It is necessary to optimize a video in right way to get a high position or first page placement in Google and other search engines. Here are some of the best ways that can help you getting higher rankings in search engines:

1. The video must be relevant and informative, so that it conveys the exact message that you want people to know about and it should be short in length as people want to watch the video that conveys the message fully in short time. An ideal video length would be around 5 to 6 minutes.

2. Another important thing is to choose a right thumbnail which should be an eye catchy one that should attract more and more people to see the video.

3. Using your keywords is almost the most important part of any of the SEO strategy and it is same for video SEO too. Using keywords in title and description would proof very effective in getting you higher position on search engines.

4. Enable the options for the users that allow them to access the embed code of video, so that they can put your video into their site and blog.

5. Upload your video in the important video sharing sites like Youtube and DailyMotion and also share video in social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter that will definitely help in getting you very good traffic to your video in very little time.


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